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Rabea Giebfried-Nietzard 
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Rabea Giebfried-Nietzard,
BA (hons), MA, is a highly skilled craftswoman who can breathe life back into your most treasured
period furniture.

Winner of the 'Challenge Trophy'
2008-09 of the
Guild of Traditional Upholsterers

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Rabea Giebfried-Nietzard

GieRabea has carried out hundreds of projects to date
and has trained as a fu
rniture restorer and conservator
in her native Germany for four years.
After coming over to the UK, she successfully completed
degrees to MA level in furniture restoration and conservation.

Using traditional methods and materials, Rabea will restore
your prized pieces sympathetically and with traditional methods. She'll take time to listen to your individual requirements, ensuring fabulous results every time.

It's time to see the beauty of your furnitured restored
to its former glory!

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